IW1:   Wound Healing 1                        11/11/2015

IW2:   Wound Healing 2                        11/25/2015

IW3:   Overview: Graft                           12/16/2015

IW4:   Socket Graft                                01/06/2015

IW5:   Advanced Grafting                      02/17/2016

IW6:   Soft Tissue Graft                         03/16/2016

IW7:   Subantral Augmentation             04/20/2016

IW8:   Lateral Sinus Augmentation       05/18/2016

IW9:   Implant Restoration Basics?       06/15/2016

IW10: Overdentures                               07/13/2016

Each webinar is 60 minutesand will start at 1:00 pm and participants will have a chance to ask questions in the final 15 minutes. Dr. Kale will always be available via email or phone  for any further questions.