Surgical Guides

Surgical Guide is a medical device fabricated especially for the purpose of placing dental implants. Guides can be made by the dentist, or in a lab but important part of the process is understanding that Implant Dentistry is prosthetically driven. We are working our way back from a template of teeth that will resemble final result.
There are many questions to be asked and discussed but the most imprtant question is, where is the bone, where is the tooth and where will be the implant placement.
Does your Guide fulfils following requirements?
1. Is it prosthetically driven?
2. Is it designed based on a CBCT?
3. Was prosthesis incorporated in the CBCT?
4. Does it pin point location of the implant?
5. Does it provide perfect direction for the implant?
6. Is your osteotomy implant specific?
7. Is your osteotom implant size specific?
8. Is your guide fixed?

Guided Surgery

More than ever, younger and recent graduates are realizing that dental implant placement is, and going to b a staple procedure in every dentl office. We know, most patients rather stay in one office and recieve treatment. We worry about our referred patients as many of them never return. Well, we need to increase the standard of the service we provide and raise that bar with accuracy, safety for the patients.
There is no ther process more beneficial to the clinician and the patient equally than a Guided Surgery. Let us look at some benfits.
For the dentist:
1. Precise planning and placement of dental implants
2. Atraumatic surgery
3. Reduced treatment time
4. Safe procedure
5. Productive visit
For the patient:
1. For medically compromised patients, best surgical option
2. Very little post surgical trauma, possibly no incisions or sutures
3. Quicker, faster and more predictable visit and less anxiety
4. Multiple implant placement with option to load immediately
Above are just some of the benefits but for them to be real, Surgical Guide must be properly designed.. It is a classic way of working your way backwards from a completion.  Some may complain, it is time consuming process and is expensive. But given a choice of precision placement, patient comfort and safety  vs a little additional expense, it should be no brainer.
Watch out for a special Webinar on the same subject.

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